Loving and leading people into a liberating and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  There is no better life than following Jesus. Liberty and real authentic life change have always resonated with the family at Crossroads, and we know that it can only truly be initiated and fulfilled by Jesus.


  • Heartfelt Mindful Worship–This applies to not only music, but teaching and living life as an act of worship. We want people to engage with their hearts (wills) and their minds.  We want to direct the efforts and events we have toward engaging hearts and minds.
  • Authentic Community–We understand the value of real authentic relationships.  At Crossroads we’ve always avoided putting on a mask or a show, and have chosen to focus on being ourselves…both good and bad.  We also realize that real progress and depth in the Christian life occurs in the context of people you love and people who love you.  Our church essentially began as a small group of people, so we continue to direct people to Small Groups where that kind of growth and accountability as a Christ follower can occur.
  • Family Friendly–We think God has designed families as the essential institution for the continuation of God’s kingdom.  God has specifically called parents to train and raise children to follow him.  As the church we come alongside parents to help them impart wisdom and instruction to their families.  Our children’s ministry has had this focus, and we hope to continue that with the ongoing development of middle school and high school ministries.
  • Serving People Tangibly–With our comfortable atmosphere, Crossroads has always been a place where people have felt at ease sharing their needs.  We have been blessed with great amount of generous and skilled people to help those in need.  We have ministries to help those in immediate need with food and short term housing and with clothing.  We recently have joined in the efforts to help needy children in the Ark City school district.  We also go to people who cannot come to us through our prison ministries.
  • The Larger Church–Crossroads has continually been a church that recognizes we are not alone in the work of God’s Kingdom. We are a part of something larger than just us.  We have continually prayed for churches in our local area, asking God to build his Kingdom beyond us.  We have recently become more active in the ministerial alliance to show solidarity and minister together and we are teamed up with other area churches to support Crops of Righteousness outreach to children in Ark City.